Thursday, 10 July 2014

Well I'm Not Sure What to Say....

    It's been over 6 moths since my last post promising to post more often and stay on top of the LCBO releases.... I haven't done that and for that I feel like I owe my readers an apology.

    Instead, I got married to my better half (she really is the better half of us now...), and have been sort of cavorting all about town with little regard to my blog and fellow whisky enthusiasts.  This isn't all my fault; I do actually have 6 articles partially written for the last 6 months of LCBO releases.  There just hasn't been either enough time or ability to find a sample from the release to comment on it worthy of making a post on the blog.  I  have also been about at the Spirit of Toronto show, and a few private tastings, but haven't really found or been bothered to take the time to settle down and write any of my thoughts down (that's just my own inherent laziness).  So I'll draft up a few things and see where this takes us.

    I haven't been railing away at the LCBO for a while (I sort of miss that), in fact I haven't been to the tasting bar in more than a few months.  This is simply due to the fact I've been getting on with other things like working overtime (something has to fund the whisky obsession), bottle hunting, relaxing and enjoying some of my newly married life.  The other reason I've slowed my progress is that I've been disappointed in the releases from our Liquor Control Board in the past few cycles.  It's not that they're aren't plentiful enough... it's simply the selection; or rather the lack there of.  I've noticed in the last few months specifically that there seems to be a cyclical ordering scheme of specific bottles during specific times in the year as well (some people might even call this a cover-up/ploy/marketing scheme/conspiracy... I just keep pointing back to my other articles).  I've also noticed the lack of interesting independent bottlings available a the LCBO lately (these are what really tends to interest me), and as such have sort of swayed away from the only Liquor outlet available to me.

    What, instead, I have decided to do is jump off the deep end into the wold of malts, that I, as a whisky lover am exposed to.  I feel the need to share this with you all, as there are so many things not available within our shelves, stores, and borders.  Those who know me keep urging me to write more, and I think it's a good creative outlet for myself, but more oft it keeps me in touch with the industry that I enjoy as a hobby.

   As a sneak peek; my notes book features a few interesting Gordon & MacPhail bottles, a bunch of rare bottles from around the world and even a few rare drams from the 60's-70's.  Let's see what comes up on my palate first and we'll have a discussion soon.

                                        In the mean time; keep your stick on the ice and the ice out of you glass.
                                                      You'll be seeing me around these parts soon enough I think...