Friday, 10 December 2010

Tasting Notes - Greenore 8 Year Old Single Grain

   So for my 8th Anniversary I received a bottle coincidentally 8 years in age.  Greenore (from Irish distillers Cooley), is a single grain spirit matured 8 years in bourbon casks.  Arriving in a fancy sharp shouldered bottle with a large fat cork and some glittery writing on the bottle, it's a sight to behold.  What's inside will be the judge of the quality though.

  • Colour: Bright golden. (Rich gold colour) Appears to have colour added.
  • Body: Thick and rich.  Oily in texture.  Large drops for very slowly when rolled, legs appear and run slowly down (lots of flavor here...)
  • Nose: Very lively.  Typical Irish sweetness.  Thick and rich.  Corn sugar or corn syrup (much like fresh harvested sweet corn).  Floral like honeysuckle or clover.  Vanilla hints.  Notes of rubber or new motor oil (not unpleasant).  Wildflower honey.
  • Palate: Soft intense start.  New motor oil turns quickly into corn syrup notes and flowers.  Honey is very present and soft hints of vanilla.  Softness, finishes on a sweet fruity note (like a berry, not citrus).
  • Finish: Lingering and fantastic.  Oiliness coats the mouth pleasantly.  Balance between soft vanilla notes / corn syrup / wood/ floral.  Gently soft wood notes and caramels permeate the finish as it fades.
  • Empty Glass: Oak sawdust.  Wood is present here, more than in the taste.  As glass dries sweet corn notes appear.  Sweet and sour shows up.  Nose smells like white wine if it were made from corn if that makes sense (I wrote it so it does to me).